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Seedlings in Pots

Welcome to The Best Plants For Earth

Take it or Leaf it!


Our Mission

A "Love For All Of Us" Approach

The Best Plants For Earth is a beacon of green goodness nestled in North Alabama, radiating a mission to nurture both Humanity and the Planet. As a small sole proprietorship, we champion environmental stewardship, human wellness, and the marvels of plants. Specializing in organic, pesticide-free microgreens, it provides North Alabama with vibrant, nutrient-packed bites of greenery. Beyond microgreens, our retail offerings encompass organic, plant-based, and environmentally friendly products, echoing its commitment to sustainability and nature's bounty.


More than just a marketplace, The Best Plants For Earth serves as an Educational Hub, empowering individuals to make healthier dietary choices, teach about Neurodivergent Minds, and adopt Eco-Conscious lifestyles. Through blogs, books, and resources, it illuminates the symbiotic relationship between diet, environmental impact, and personal well-being.


More importantly, we celebrate the unique strengths of Neurodivergent minds, recognizing their superpowers and contributions to society. With every leafy green sold and every lesson shared, this small enterprise nurtures a Greener, Healthier, and more Peaceful Future for ALL.

-Take it of Leaf it!


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