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Organic Case - Crystal Meadow

Organic Case - Crystal Meadow

The Crystal Meadow Phone Case embodies everything we hoped for. All our favourite natural materials placed on a recyclable naturally coloured kraft paper makes a beautiful natural combination. On top of that, we added some sparkle with Swarovski crystals.

Samsung S8 Rose Phone Case

The beauty of Swarovski

We are proud to be working with the great Swarovski. They are still holding on to their traditional values, which include excellence in quality, innovation, and a desire to create products of great beauty.

Our Crystal Meadow Phone Case is a combination of our favourite meadow flowers that bring a special splash of colours to the case, but in the meantime, the natural Kraft paper that they are placed on neutralizes and combines them into a beautiful natural organic material. The Swarovski Crystal Meadow is a perfect phone case for all nature lovers. It is also an amazing sustainable and Eco-friendly option for your everyday phone case.

Roses iPhone XS Max Phone Case


Organic Handpicked
Meadow Flowers

This kind of combination can only come from high-quality materials. That is why we only make our organic materials out of handpicked, organic and sustainably harvested flowers. The material is then protected with non-toxic, allergen-free, sugar-based resin. It allows the material to breathe and keeps its natural properties, but at the same time protect it from getting damaged. It also keeps the shine of the Swarovski crystals clear and sparkly.


Unique texture and

All Natural materials

The Crystal Meadow phone case is decorated with Pink and Blue Cornflowers, that we chose for their colourful playfulness, to that we added our classic rose petals that bring a special pop to the material. The Sunflower petals were chosen for the glow and brightness that they bring to this case and for the last component, we choose a beautiful earthy green forest moss. It is all combined on a natural coloured recyclable craft paper. Also, for the cherry on top we added authentic Swarovski crystals that brings the natural material all together into a beautiful meadow.


  • All-natural sustainably harvested organic materials
  • Authentic Swarovski Crystals
  • The first of its kind in the world
  • Amazing natural scent and feeling
  • Allergen Free material 😊
  • Attractive modern look and style
  • Coated with non-toxic sugar based resin
  • Water-resistant for all-weather use 💧
  • Recyclable PU case ♻️
  • (made in SGS certified non-toxic production)
  • Ultra-Slim and lightweight
  • Durable and Drop tested
  • Full phone encasing with above screen lip
  • Provides great grip
  • Wireless Charging and Mag Safe Compatible
  • Made in Europe 🌍
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