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What We Are About

The Best Plants For Earth have been a family of gardeners and herbalist for generations. We are now bringing together the knowledge and know how of natural, safe for the planet and humans, Gardening Techniques, Microgreens and Products to you!  


We cultivate Healthy, Organic, and Environmentally Safe Microgreens and an informed Gardening Community, by sharing the benefits of the bond between People and Plants. This is a one stop shop for Healthy Nutritional Knowledge, Organic and Tasty Microgreens, Gardening and Farming Knowledge, and a Shop to buy Products that are Organic, Environmentally Safe, or Plant Themed!

Working together we plan on growing into a business that helps Humanity, The Planet and the Community! Locally we have started cleaning up litter around Decatur, AL. We have also started Growing, Selling, and Delivering Organic & Nutritionally packed Microgreens to the Decatur, AL and surrounding area. 

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